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Therapy for Behavioral Disorders

Guide Your Child Towards Balanced Behavior

Guide your child towards balanced behavior with our team of dedicated child therapists specializing in behavioral disorders. Collaborate with us to address persistent behavioral or emotional issues, unravel the challenges, and empower your child for a healthier future. Start your journey to healing today and experience the transformative impact of our expert guidance.

Connect with a Child Therapist Specializing in Behavioral Disorders

Behavioral disorders can turn the fulfilling journey of parenting into a demanding ordeal and create a challenging world for your child or teenager. If you find your child frequently wrestling with behavioral or emotional issues, it could be a sign of a clinical behavioral disorder. Collaborate with a therapist to help unravel and rectify your child’s challenging behaviors.

Is Your Child Experiencing a Behavioral Disorder?

All children have instances of challenging and defiant behavior or explosive emotions. It's part of their learning process, as they need to be born with an understanding of how to manage intense, often confusing emotions. Tantrums, whining, yelling, defiance, and aggression are ways they communicate their feelings and attempt to gain some control.


So, how do you distinguish between typical (though problematic) behavior and potential signs of a behavioral disorder? For example, diagnosing a child with a behavioral disorder involves looking for behaviors that deviate from the norm for the child’s developmental stage, occur frequently, and cause significant issues for the child and others. If these criteria persist for at least six months, the child may have one of the following behavioral disorders:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): the child grapples with hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, and difficulties focusing

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD): the child frequently exhibits anger, irritability, argumentativeness, defiance, and vengefulness

  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED): the child often has emotional outbursts, lacks anger control, and may exhibit violent tendencies

  • Conduct Disorder (CD): the child may consistently break the rules or laws, show disrespect or harm towards others, destroy or steal property, lie, or engage in bullying

The Aims of Therapy for Behavioral Disorders

When diagnosing a child with a behavioral disorder, our goal is not to label them or make you, as a parent, feel inadequate. Children develop behavioral disorders for various reasons, including past traumas, parenting styles, biological factors, or brain injury. We aim to engage with your child, understand their struggles, and teach them strategies to handle challenging behaviors and situations better. Additionally, we offer guidance to parents to improve their response to their child’s problematic behaviors and foster the optimal environment for their development and growth. Your dedicated therapist will support you by:

  • Assisting your child in developing social skills and healthy communication of their needs and emotions

  • Teaching your child emotion regulation, anger defusion, coping with sadness or disappointment, and relaxation techniques

  • Coaching you to deescalate tense situations, communicate effectively with your child, and apply constructive discipline

  • Guiding your child towards constructive, healthy activities to express themselves, release emotions, and build confidence

  • Helping your child identify and transform negative thought and behavior patterns, fostering problem-solving skills, self-control, and positive self-image.

Let's Tackle Behavioral Disorders Together

By addressing your child's behavioral disorder, your therapist will delve into the root of your struggles and develop tailored solutions. As parents and guardians, we aim to equip you with tools and resources to nurture your child’s growth.


Start your child's journey towards balanced behavior today with our team of dedicated therapists at your side.

If You've been struggling trying to make things better on your own, we can help. You don’t have to do it alone!

Come as you are and discover a therapist who truly gets you.

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