Have questions?

Abundance Therapy Center wants the therapeutic process to be transparent, so that you know what to expect, and that you feel comfortable. We understand that talking to someone new can bring up feelings of uncertainty and anxiety for some, so we hope that we can answer some of your key questions prior to you coming in for a session. Please check out some of the frequently asked questions in the list below. If your question isn’t answered here, give us a call/text us at 213-505-4307.

Frequently asked questions

Am I too old/out of shape to do Karate?

Absolutely not! Starting Karate is not about how old or athletic you are, its how much do you want it. Karate will transform your body and mind regardless of your current physical capabilities, you just need to start.

Can Karate be used for self defense?

Yes, karate can be a very effective martial art at self defense if used properly. In fact, Lyoto Machida of the UFC has shown just how useful Shotokan Karate can be. Fun Fact: Our Senior Sensei Avi Rokah has also trained Lyoto Machida.

Will karate help with my childs confidence / self esteem?

Yes and it does so in the following ways. They will obtain acheivements as they progress through the ranks, but they also be required to demonstrate what they learned in front of class on their own. Hard training builds confidence, which in turn will build their self esteem.

Will Karate make my child more aggressive?

No, it will in fact do the opposite. Karate will teach them self defense while building their confidence, not just in themselves but in their self defense capabilites. Karate is about becoming a better person, and capable, happy, confident kids have no reason to bully anyone.

Will my child get hurt doing karate?

In our Dojo we have a very high standard of control. Everyone is taught how to generate a lot of force with their bodies, but they are also taught to control that technique so that it never hits anyone. Control is strictly enforced in our dojo, and while with any athletic sport accidents do happen; they are much more likely to get hurt playing soccer or football than Karate.

What age can my child start taking Karate?

We start as young as 4 in our dojo. Typically, we've seen the best age to start at is around 5, since they are starting to get structure in their lives from kindergarten, among other things. However, the younger they start, the more positive impact Karate will have on their physical and mental development.