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Holding Hands


We love helping people and empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

Individual Therapy

You've been feeling disconnected with yourself lately or it's been this way for a while. You want to feel happy, satisfied, and passionate for life but there is something holding you back. Your old patterns of thinking, bad habits, or past hurtful experiences have caused you to hold limiting beliefs about who you are and what you deserve.

You are tired of just getting by and ready to get honest with yourself to make positive changes in your life.

We provide individual therapy for young adults and adults. With individual therapy: 

  • You will discover your personal power, so you will feel confident and comfortable making big decisions.

  • You will get in touch with the things you value in life, so you can start to feel like you are on the right path

  • You will do the necessary soul-searching to find meaning in your life and pursue the things that are important to you

  • You will process any painful memories from your childhood and move forward from a happy and healthy place

  • You will develop the skills to cultivate a fulfilling social life and incorporate meaningful relationships into your adult life, so you can find where you belong.


Common reasons adults seek individual therapy are:

Anxiety Issues

Depression, mood issues

Feelings of insecurity


Childhood family/attachment issues


Career issues

Relationship Issues /Loneliness

Life transitions

Pain management

Couples Therapy

You and your partner were inseparable and set out to conquer the world with much hopes and dreams.


But lately, you are feeling disconnected, alone, and even resentful towards your partner. Something is just not right in your relationship and you don't want to continue with the way things are because you know there is so much more to this relationship. 


We understand that life gets into the way sometimes and it takes a more intentional approach to redirect your relationship through couples therapy. 


Couples therapy offers a safe space for you and your partner to explore the things in your relationship that may not be working well. It is a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself and the ways you relate to others. Together, we can look at barriers that are keeping you and your partner from creating the change you are seeking and find the best ways to implement those changes. We can also help you manage the symptoms and behaviors that are creating distress in your relationship, whether it be communication issues, conflict management, money issues, or adjusting to life transitions.

Common reasons why couples seek couples therapy are:

Lack of emotional connection

Poor communication 

Infidelity issues

Cycles of negative interactional patterns

Life transitions (i.e. pregnancy, child birth)

Loss of interest in intimacy

Family Therapy

Family is a unit made up of individuals who may hold different views, opinions, and personality. Though you love your family, the conflict can be real in upholding a loving family when everyone is pulled in different directions and the busyness of life takes over our lives.

You're not the only family going through this. The hustle and bustle within your household are similar to families all over our communities. While it's painful to feel disconnected from your family, it does not have to stay this way. 

Family therapy allows you and your loved ones to voice your concerns in a safe and healthy way. It helps to improve family dynamics, boundaries, and communication so that you are mutually feeling accepted and respected, and as a result, better able to support each other and come up with solutions to real-life problems. 

Common reasons why families seek family therapy are:

Blended family challenges

Poor family dynamic and communication 

Parent/child conflict

Setting boundaries

Addiction issues affecting the family

Child & Teen Therapy

As a parent, you want your child to be happy and healthy and grow up to be strong independent adults.

When you see your child going through struggles, having trouble making/keeping friends, or having behavioral issues at school, it's heart-breaking. You want to help them desperately but don't know how to help. 

Children will encounter various obstacles through different developmental stages. Their life is more challenging than you’d imagined.


Therapy offers the opportunity for your child to learn and practice new skills to help manage these obstacles and provides a safe place for your child to communicate their thoughts and emotions. 


Our therapists who specialize in working with children, teens, and parents can help you and your child navigate through the challenging seasons. 

Common reasons children and teens seek therapy: 

Social skills/peer relations

Anxiety and/or depression


Behavioral issues (ADD/ ADHD, Anger)

Autism Spectrum

Drug/alcohol issues


Parental divorce/separation 

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