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Fees & Insurance



Intake Assessment 

53-minute session $200 (Reduced rate with Associate therapist $150)

Individual Therapy, Child & Teen Therapy 

53-minute session $170 (Reduced rate with Associate therapist $135)

Couples & Family Therapy

53-minute session $190 (Reduced rate with Associate therapist $145)

Do you accept insurance? 

Abundance Therapy Center is a direct pay service provider with the ability to accept insurance as an In-Network therapist for select insurances and Out-of-Network for all PPO plans. We are currently in-network with Anthem Blue Cross (not Blue Shield of CA), Cigna, HealthNet/MHN, Optum/United, Kaiser, Aetna, and Tricare. We also accept Medicare, certain Medi-Cal plans (Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net), Medicare Advantage plans (Kaiser, Anthem), as well as Victims of Crime. We will handle all insurance issues and file all claims for you. Please note that we are not accepting any EAPs at this time.

Please note that our therapists are in-network with different insurances so please contact your insurance provider to confirm that the therapist you want to work with is in-network with your insurance. 

COVID-19 Information: Please check with your insurance to confirm that telehealth is a part of your insurance coverage/benefit. If it is not, in some cases, you may be able to advocate for it to be added to your benefits due to COVID-19. 

Please note that we have a limited number of clinicians who are fully credentialed/in-network with insurance. This means that you may be added to a waiting list, until one of our therapists has an opening for an insurance-based client. The wait is usually 1-2 months. If you are in a crisis or need urgent help, we recommend paying out-of-pocket until we have an opening or looking for other in-network providers in your area.

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Using your PPO out-of-network insurance or requesting a single case agreement (SCA) with your insurance

Abundance Therapy Center is committed to providing quality treatment and service to all our clients. We offer the use of PPO insurance plans to help cover the cost of services as a benefit to our clients. We work with many insurance plans as out of network provider. 


As a service to our clients, we will verify your coverage for you when you provide us with your insurance. Abundance Therapy Center will also manage all the claims and billing processing with the insurance company for you.


You will be responsible for meeting the deductible and then the insurance company will cover the co-insurance portion of the allowed amount. You will also responsible for paying any fees that are not covered by your insurance plan.


Another option is to request a Single Case Agreement (SCA) with your insurance. You can do so by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. If approved, you can work with an out of network therapist and get the same coverage as working with an in-network therapist. 


We understand that the insurance maze can be confusing for many so we are happy to explain this further on the phone and clarify what this all means for you. Please feel free to contact our billing department at 213.441.6780x4.

Do you accept Medi-Cal?

We accept Medi-Cal insurance that is managed by Anthem Medi-Cal, Health Net Medi-Cal, and Kaiser Medi-Cal. We do not accept straight (traditional) Medi-Cal. If you have Kaiser Medi-Cal, you will need to get an authorization for mental health services with our practice by contacting Kaiser. 

Do you offer sliding scale/reduced fee sessions?

We want to accommodate those who cannot afford our full fee and offer a reduced fee based on financial need on a limited basis with our Associate Therapists. Please inquire about working with one of our Associate Therapists by contacting our office.  

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payments are due after each session. We accept payments by check and credit card (all major credit cards, debit, HSA). Please make all checks payable to Abundance Therapy Center.

No Show & Late Cancellation Policy: Once you schedule your appointment, we are reserving the hour for you. Any cancellation or missed appointments without at least 48- hours notice will be subject to a $120 fee. Insurance companies do not pay charges for missed appointments. Please be mindful of our therapist time and give us at least a 48-hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can do so by contacting the office or responding to the confirmation (for intake appointment) or contacting your therapist directly (for ongoing weekly sessions). 

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