Hi, I'm Evelyn!

Because both theory and practice have taught me that the strength of the therapeutic relationship is the vehicle by which meaningful therapeutic outcomes are achieved, I place great emphasis on developing a sense of safety, trust, and authenticity in our work together.

The same personality tendencies, thought patterns, communication styles, and ways of resolving conflict that may be causing you distress in the present moment have likely benefited you or helped you to get your needs met at other points in your life. And yet, when these characteristics cause us pain or distress, the natural tendency is to avoid, reject, or attempt to fix these parts of ourselves in isolation. But when we seek to understand these characteristics in the greater relational, familial, cultural, generational, and sociopolitical context of who we are, we find that the same sense of pending doom that debilitates us in one context helps us to be controlled and productive in another; or that the same tendency to challenge authority that gets your teen into “trouble” in the school setting helps them to assert themselves and speak up against injustices in another context.

My aim is to be a guide on the side (not a sage on the stage) to help you understand, integrate, and accept all aspects of yourself. I seek to understand the pain points in your life that bring you into therapy (whether it’s relational conflict, a critical life event, life/role transition, or mood changes causing challenges in your work, relationships, or daily life) in the greater context of who you are—as a whole person. We will explore, examine, and practice together how you can draw from your own strengths and resilience in order that your personality tendencies, thought patterns, communication styles, and ways of resolving conflict can be more helpful to you in your everyday life.

A large part of my professional experience has been in urban, public school settings in the Los Angeles metropolitan area—it’s a context that I've come to understand well. For teens, the school setting entrenches much of their lives—and yet, it’s rare that parents/caregivers get an accurate, full glimpse into their teen’s everyday experiences at school. As a mental health professional with experience supporting teens in the context of the education system, I’ve witnessed firsthand the social, academic, economic, and family stressors that teens face. This works out for well me because I find immense meaning in working with teens/young people as they journey through this critical juncture in their lives called adolescence. Whether your teen is having difficulty adjusting to a change in their lives, is experiencing sadness, anxiety, or self-esteem issues, or interpersonal conflict, I utilize my experience and insight in the education system to help you understand your teen and to help your teen gain the skills, self-awareness and self-understanding to thrive.

A few tidbits about me—ice cream is my go-to dessert; I enjoy reaping the benefits of running (but don’t always enjoy the run itself); and if you haven’t noticed already, I like to write in parentheticals (there’s always more being said than meets the eye, right?) 


  • Telehealth

Insurances Accepted:

  • Anthem Blue Cross

  • Cigna

  • Kaiser

  • MHN

  • Optum/United

  • Most PPO Plans as Out-of-Network


  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Families

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adjustment Issues

  • Attachment Issues

  • Anger and Behavioral Issues

  • Self-Esteem

  • Stress

  • Grief & Loss

  • Trauma/PTSD

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